Dear friend welcome

Visual Design by Ion Odagiu

We are happy to see you here.

We started our website a few days ago.

My name is Ion Odagiu – and hope that you’ll feel here comfortable.

Here you will find different projects that we are working now. And you may be a part of them as well. It depends which interests you have.

Some of my interests are in general – art and business.

To be more specific they are:

Photography – studio portrait photography, street style photography, and travel photography. Such as architecture. Roads.

The main idea is humans, interaction with environment.

Video – in this section you will find basically all what we will do as a brand. Interesting ideas. Books that we read. Heritage that we wanna leave behind. Vlogs.

This is gonna be literally speaking my journey in life.

Hope you are doing well these days.

And hope that we’ll create something together as well.

Stay safe.

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