Warm tones of summer season (2020) – “The art of photography” – Part II

This year summer is a bit different than others.

2020 brought some challenges that all people face and try to live with it, solve it and move forward.

Because we are strong, and we always fight to win. We always did.

We live now only because our ancestors didn’t give up.

Just move forward.

Creative days during hard times.




“The King Of Sadness” is out. Shortly TKOS.

When I started to create the concept of this video, it was strange.Only because this was a new experience for me. To communicate an idea not just with a picture but with a video. I mean that part where had to create a visual story. And many of you already have seen it. If not, […]

Sharing is Caring

New Release this weekend.

Hey, hope you are fine. On 24 April 2021 will be released my new song. I think it is great. Which I am proud of. At least now. I called it “The King Of Sadness” On the day of the release, the song first will be posted on Spotify and YouTube. See you this weekend. […]

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I’m ok, alright? – Or a way to describe last year.

Nowadays a question like this “How are you?” is asked often. More than usual. And you know why? Covid 19. Don’t get me wrong…this post will not be about it. But about my latest release on the channel. But somehow related to it. In order to experiment with sound, I do this kind of songs. […]

Sharing is Caring


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Sharing is Caring