“Keep moving forward.” – The art of photography – Part IV

Since when I was a kid, I was attracted by art. In one word – “beauty”.

At that time, was interested in the natural environment. And how well is designed?

Was interested in animation. And how well colors were combined.

I drew what I saw.

Now is not ah much different. But can be everything.

Natural environment. A well-made movie. A well-made picture or song. A piece of architecture. That catches the attention. And make me feel in a certain way.

It is all about design.

The natural design of things. And the design that we create as humans. It is all around us.

When I was a kid, being asked who I wanna be, gave the answer “designer”. And I received back the answer “What kind?”

In a way, all that we have right now in the world, all society, buildings, roads, clothing, all is about design.

It’s a concept about how useful things should be, how well they can be made. How you feel about them. Oh, yeah. Not just design. Was attracted by the music, movies. And sport as well.

Wanted to be an actor. I was impressed by creating a story inside your mind that is not yours. And to live for a certain period of time another life. Many lives. Guess you can go crazy this way. Need to be such an effort to leave your problems behind and focus on something else. And live another life.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll do something like this. With the digital age, I can make all of this happen.

Now working on developing this website. Working on some new songs. That will be soon released. And that can be used for future projects.

Doing visual design, writing content. It’s interesting how things will evolve. Exited.

When I go to different places, countries, the first thing that I’m doing is photography. What’s interesting for my senses.

Here are some new shots. Hope you love them.

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