Be curious – The art of photography – Part VI

Hi out there.

Hope you are doing great. You’re safe, healthy, and for sure you take care of yourself.

Today we share new pictures. This project that we started with photography will have a name in the future.

We have some versions. For now is just, simply “The art of photography”.

We as humans go through life, meet people, we see people. With some of them, we’ll never meet again.

Photography is somehow a way to remember things in life. Much more than our memory can.

Our memory as humans remembers mostly even very happy moments. Even the worst. Like very bad.

This is how the brain works.

These moments define our journey here on the planet.

Here are brand new pictures.

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And thanks for those who will do this.





The song “Manifest” from the album “Scars” now is on YouTube

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Scars – Debut album by Ion Odagiu

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