You say you’re happy. What do you mean? What happiness is? How to be happy?


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So, we changed it.

This episode will be about happiness.

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So, are you ready?

From the start until now of our human race, happiness looks almost the same. We have in our blood happy chemicals. Probably you know them. If you do not know, don’t worry. Here they are.

Serotonin, Endorphine, Dopamine, and Oxytocin.

Have you heard about them? They are responsible for our happiness.

These chemicals that we have in our blood influences all our life and the way how we feel.

If you are like me, you want to understand yourself better.

Especially your emotions.

When someone makes you smile your state of how you feel is changing. And we feel better.

And at the end of the day, you think -“This was a perfect day.” Best day of my life.

Just think, look deep through your life experiences. And write what you have in your mind down below in the comment section.

When I analyzed all experiences that I had till now when I felt my self “happy” like really happy was something that was one of those four chemicals.

With one exception.

Our happiness two thousand years ago looked the same. When our friends lived in that period of time, I mean when we were primitive. We were afraid of things, of nature. Of what we didn’t know and what we didn’t understand.

Even, of other people.

All that they felt in that period we feel now, just a bit different.

Because our body not evolved so much.

Yes, we have technology, electricity, cars, internet, clothes, smartphones, safe houses, music, movies, food, clean water, clean air, parks, coffee, etc.

And you say – you are not happy, having all these beautiful things?

We can see other places.

We are less afraid right now and are more open sharing our knowledge with others.

In my opinion, this is the best ever period of time that we lived till now.

But we feel the same.

Real emotional connection with other people, especially intimate relationships with who we love make us feel happy.

And because we learn about ourselves and about the world around us by having our five senses and here I mean who have five, because in the world we live with you, not all people have all of them.

They are our faculty to sight, smell, hearing taste, and touch.

And our happiness is deeply connected with our five senses and our happy chemicals.

Our happiness depends on every day, by what we see, what we smell, what we hear, taste, and touch.

Till now, you received “happiness” – pleasure in contact with something from outside.

In this way, our body feels happy.

But here is not the end.

If you feel yourself bigger than yourself, like something that exists without body, mind, emotions – happiness is something different.

If you identify yourself as something energetic and connected with all that exists you probably don’t need five senses to be happy.

Because what you are at that level of understanding about yourself, what you really are, and you feel that – you don’t need that.

But you still have them – of course.

All our life.

And I mean that energetic connection with all that exists in this world when you don’t feel body anymore. The mind doesn’t have a place to be, there is no more ego, personality. Just a more deep connection. And you feel like you are home. Like your place is actually there. But not in this human body that we have.

If you didn’t feel something like that it will be hard to understand.

At this level happiness is something that you feel deep inside you and all that you can do is express what you feel, with your five senses that you have, and give that for others.

Without any expectations about what you did.

So, this is what I felt to say about happiness.

In the same context – this is what true love is.

Just energy that you can transform into something useful for others. It is more near here like deep life meaning and life purpose. This is more about learning what you are, yourself in something that you creating. And give that to the world back.

Every day is a new possibility to feel something new. To create something new.

There happiness is what we are.

And it comes from inside.

But not from outside.

Thanks for reading, watching.


Find your happiness, my dear friend.

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