Metamorphosis – The art of photography, Part VII

Everything changes.

In other words, metamorphose.

I’ll start this article with gratitude.


I want to thank you because you are here. And reading this post here. 

Some of you may share them. I don’t know.

For this thank you.

In different periods of time in our life – we change.

Some of you may think that people don’t change. I do not agree with this.

You change every day. Even now. When you don’t think about it. When you sleep.

You started to change from the moment you were born.

Your body is changing. The mind is changing. Well, if you invest in it.

You can not say that you don’t change. It will be wrong.

Only because this is not how things work. How nature works. 

I’ve met people who said, that they are afraid to change. And to make a change to make mistakes. They are paralyzed, in a certain way.

Cities are changing. We change places we wanna go to. We change things we wanna do. We change professions. We change relationships. 

Move from those that are toxic. As a result, they make us wiser, smarter. 

It’s like everything around it’s helping you to grow. And you say… no, no. Stop.

Here is a new gallery that we wanna share with you.

Hope that you’ll find it great.

If so, likes, shares, comments are options for how you can be grateful for what was shared.

Feel free to express your thoughts about changes.

Are you afraid of them? Are you open?




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The song “Manifest” from the album “Scars” now is on YouTube

Hello my friend. I don’t now how do you feel now, but I feel good. A bit tired, maybe. But ok. Wanna say that when I was little, was interested in some industries. They was into visual arts. And music. You can put everything into a movie. Past, present, future. Philosophy. Music. Everything. This is […]


    1. About words. Guess it is because I read a lot.

      Yeah, I like taking pictures.

      This is a way to discover things, places, earth. Interesting ideas. And to remember them. Now in the informational era, we forget very fast. This helps in my case.

      Thanks for your feedback. Now I have a better understanding of what you meant.


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