Metamorphosis 2/3 – Life moments – The art of photography, Part VIII

My dear friend.

As you already know metamorphose is made from 3 parts. Every part of it have 20 images and represent changes: in style, in music.

In the third part of this series of posts will be a song. With the same name. Metamorphose.

And it will be on the first music album named “Scars” (2020)

This album represents my way of dealing with the present times that we are living now. Fast changes. A lot of information that me and you need to learn.

From all around the world in different languages.

Growing up I’ve learned four languages.
English, Russian, Romanian, and French.

Now I am interested in Asian languages. Like Japanese. Chinese. They are different. And it’s interesting to learn. Because guess everyone knows it. As a business international language. With is a must-have to learn.

Loved to observe others, and to analyze them. What they do. How they do it. Why they do it.

If I wanted something to say, said it.

When now I’m looking back at those experiences, guess this is my way to discover the world. Probably not only my way of doing it.

Even now, I ask questions. To myself. And to others.

Was interested in psychology and how the brain works. Human brain. Was interested in leadership. In ways how people organized earth. With all the systems. Countries.

Because without it, the world is a mess.

Wondering why people do not care about nature. For sure not everyone. But a majority. Think they understand that we depend on nature to live our lives. Think about how to make them care. And I mean simple actions.

As an example to not throw away the garbage. On the streets.
And things like that. We will end in our own mess. It humans do not change this behavior.

Some people are too proud. They think that they can do everything they want. Without consequences. But this is not true.

A person can’t survive alone. Humans survived only because of others. A great book about it it “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari.

You can read more about it in this book.

So, on my journey found three important questions.

Where to live on Earth? I mean on this planet. 🙂

Guess in my lifetime, we’ll not be able yet to live on Mars. I would like to give it a try. Why not. At least to go and to take pictures there.

The second question is: “What to do with the time I have to live here?” Like…what is really important to do?

And third. “With who to live?” Sexual partner. The person I would like to have kids. Build a family.
And to make this journey more interesting.

Guess on this journey that we have to live, each person has to decide. To respond.

What to do? Where to live? And with who?

But the deepest questions that we have to respond to ourselves are those questions that every person knows.

“Who I am?”
“Where I am coming from?”
And “Where I am going?”

Did you respond to these questions to yourself? These questions are not so easy.

And I responded to these questions in the video about meaning. Wrote an article about it. You care to read it here. If you haven’t yet. You can watch the video here as well.

As a result, this is all a choice. A series of choices that every person is making every day.

Is there a right path to go, to chose in life? And a wrong one?

Or it’s not?

Is there the right partner? Or it’s not?

Is there the right place to live? Or it’s not?

It’s all subjective. Right?

Share what do you think about it down in the comment section. Would like to know how you think about it.

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You can support me as well. With a coffee on PayPal. It really helps out. If you want to.

Long and healthy life all of you.

Here is the new gallery.

Hope you’ll love it.




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