Scars – Debut album by Ion Odagiu

Hi my friend.

I wanna share with you some music that i worked on.

And i made an album. I didn’t focus on a specific genre of music. It’s based more on present moment. Feelings.

I think you can find something interesting for yourself as well.


Alum – Scars
Artist – Ion Odagiu
Songs – 23


01. Welcome in my world
02. A moment
03. Rainy Day
04. Serenity
05. Happy Minimalist
06. In a dream
07. A way out
08. Harmony
09. Colors
10. Magic World
11. Stuck With U (Originally by Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber)
12. Move On
13. Metamorphose
14. Changes
15. Manifest
16. Scary Times
17. Joy – (The song of the heart)
18. Home
19. The soul Castle
20. Suspance
21. The Silence Speak
22. Act by doing (Do it)
23. True Love



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