The song “Manifest” from the album “Scars” now is on YouTube

Hello my friend.

I don’t now how do you feel now, but I feel good. A bit tired, maybe. But ok. Wanna say that when I was little, was interested in some industries. They was into visual arts. And music.

You can put everything into a movie. Past, present, future. Philosophy. Music. Everything. This is very interesting. But in the same time, a lot of time and resources.

It’s a long journey. And I decided for myself that I’ll do what I can to manifest things that I plan. And those that I have in my head.

This album is my first. It’s in minimal genre, some therapy music, some cinematic. In cinematic genre I like Ramin Djawadi and Hans Zimmer.

If you listened the album on Spotify you already know what will be next on YouTube.


Song Cover.

YouTube Thumbnail

Listen the album “Scars”


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Sharing is Caring