“Dreams About You” is out!

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As you already may know, this is a new post to introduce a new release. Called it “Dreams About You”. Written and produced by me Ion Odagiu.

So, here it is.
The song will be available everywhere in the digital environment. Because nowadays people listen to music mostly on YouTube, Spotify. And many others.

If you listen in other places, write down in the comment section where. It will be nice to know how you discover new music.

As it comes to this song particularly, it’s about us. Humans.
It’s about that period of life when you met someone, maybe fell in love. And you can’t stop thinking about that person. Especially if this is the first time when it happened to you.

When you go out, you are searching for that person. When you come closer and closer your heart goes louder and louder. And you can’t do much about it.

You may have dreams about that person. Dreams where you did lots of things together. I don’t know what those dreams are. Manifested thoughts? Or maybe fantasies?

Dreams are such a mystery to me. Sometimes it’s like a new life for you. But there you can’t see yourself. Only places, and people. And things that you are doing there.

So this song is about dreams.
Dreams about you.

This is the YouTube thumbnail used for the song.

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