I’m ok, alright? – Or a way to describe last year.

Nowadays a question like this “How are you?” is asked often.
More than usual.

And you know why? Covid 19.

Don’t get me wrong…this post will not be about it. But about my latest release on the channel. But somehow related to it. In order to experiment with sound, I do this kind of songs. To create, to innovate. Sort off.

So during this period and the most asked question was this one. “How are you?” or “Are you ok?” I don’t know about you, really. But since the C thing started personally I was ok. And because producers work usually from home or from the studio, being isolated isn’t a problem. You just work or experiment with new ideas to see if something will come out.

As you already know in 2020 was released my first album. Maybe more in the future.

Hope you are ok as well.

And you can work and develop your projects as well.

But if you have already a blog, you should try Anchor Fm. I discovered it a few days ago. You can create an audio version of your posts and upload them on different platforms. As podcasts.

Which I think is great.

After you can upload them on YouTube as well. In case if you already recorded your voice and created videos it is not a big deal. But if you are new in the world of creating content of any size and complexity it’s a very good tool to start with.

Now you will listen to this song. And remember this phrase, it’s written especially for the podcast.

Take care. And see you soon.

Listen the audio version here on Anchor FM.

Well, you know what to do now.
Create, create, create.

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