The Jungle Dance – OUT 21 MAY 2021

Hey, you may wait for this release.
So I wanna share some great news.

Hope you are doing great, are safe and healthy. Taking into consideration everything going around us globally.

I’m sure you’re doing everything you can to stay positive and safe.

In order to help you do that I created my first song in a totally new genre for me. It is something I’ve never done before.

It’s definitely a song that describes desire, passion, sexual attraction.
Every time you felt that it’s like an energetic boost with an intense desire for someone else.
Usually, it’s a sexual desire, at least for men.
Because I can’t tell what a woman feels in those moments when she falls in love.

I did my best to convert those feelings into a song.
Those moments are…hypnotic, irrational.
All that you see in those moments is the desirable subject – woman.
Even the brain stops working properly.
But this is happening with us -men, when we are attracted by women.

Maybe this is a way how we humans work? Because it’s not a choice. But it’s happening.

This song is not for you if you don’t have 16 plus years.

Because from that age we men start to feel that kind of attraction from women. Even earlier like 12 or 13 years.

And because it’s almost summer, why not make for you a summer song. To have fun. And dance. It’s the perfect belly dance song. With pop-rock influences. And some Arabic vibes.

On this positive note, I’ll end this article.

If you enjoy it you know what to do. Share it. Comment. Like and subscribe.
Had fun making it.

The release day will be on 21 May 2021.

Stay tuned. You can pre-save the song as well. The link you’ll find under YouTube videos. If you are reading on the website click here.

Next, you can listen to the first and the second teaser.

Have a nice day.
This Friday – the release day.


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Teaser Number One

Teaser Number Two

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