My first 45 minutes video. I call it “Passenger”

This one will be the title of my new podcast. If you are new here, this is the place where I share things with you. It may be the music that I do, thoughts, or some moments or stories that I make or happened with me.

I guess to know me better if makes sense.

I hope that being here you will take something for yourself.

After we are born, from that moment we start to observe the world around us like a sponge. And we don’t have much time here.

Sometimes you may feel like you are the center of the universe. Because you have this unique experience.

You sound and look different than everyone else.
In a way, it’s kinda cool.

The fact is that no one is like you. And you perceive reality differently. You find some people interesting and like them. While others you don’t.
And it’s ok.

If your goal is to be loved or likable by everyone else – it’s not the case. It will never happen.

You may like a specific voice, song, or movie. And the things you look at are different. Those that capture your attention when you look.

All your life you will do that. And me too. You filter everything through yourself. And this is why your environment matter. I found out one interesting thing that you need to know. Your environment can be digital.

You can follow 5-10 people that you like online, and subconsciously you will learn things from them.

We learn from people that we like. Books that we read. And our own experience. But this is not all. You have knowledge that’s in your DNA.
Everyone does.

Which is all in our subconscious mind. All information that helped our ancestors to live, procreate and survive you already have it.

I can write something, and you from all over the world can read it. Isn’t this great? Take 20 years ago, wasn’t like this.

Why passenger?

For many of you, it can be an obvious thing. We all go through time. The time doesn’t pass. But you pass through time. You don’t own your body. It’s a tool. A vehicle. You are the driver.

You can identify with the vehicle as well. But any driver loves to switch the vehicles he drives. Because it gets older…useless.

Time doesn’t exist.

Energetically speaking the vehicle is the tool the driver uses for a while.

As humans, we survived in groups. And shared things between us that have value. Things that people consume.

All products in a specific region, country – form the economy. And our ancestors created a tool to exchange things.
Nowadays we call it money.

If I can do something for you – you pay me for that. If I create a product – you pay for it as well. It’s like going shopping.

All of this to serve other people.
And to make our experience as humans easy and much more interesting.

You may enjoy having a new phone, new clothes, computer.
Life gets better. A lot of choices now.

And each of us has to decide the direction that we like or feel right. No one tells you that you can change it along the way.

Growing up, I liked to play tennis table. I enjoyed listening to music, played volley, basketball, football. I enjoyed watching movies and anime. And played some games. I wasn’t a big gamer though. It was just fun.

I guess it’s much interesting to play a game than to create one. Much more fun. Now I don’t play any games though. Even on mobile.

I didn’t like school. I mean to be told what I need to learn. Because when someone needs to do something because he needs to, instead of wanting to, it’s kind of trying to feed a kid that doesn’t wanna eat. And you force it.

When a person is naturally interested in something he learns by himself. Through mistakes and he asks by himself. Do you think people that started to create movies were thought how to do it? No. They learned it step by step. With trials and errors. But I don’t regret it.

I had nice teachers, no conflicts with my peers.

I didn’t like school because of that. Mistakes meant bad grades. Which isn’t the case. Mistakes are great. Because only with them you get better.
After, you are afraid to make mistakes. In the real world.

You learn by observing other people’s reactions to what you did. I don’t think critique exists. Exist people who do things the way that they feel it.
And brought their ideas to life.

I never wrote something bad though.
If I have something good to say I do that.

This is my new masterpiece.
You can listen to this on Spotify and YouTube.

You can listen while working. Before bed.
Or in the morning while walking or running.
It will make you feel better.

After everything, we are all passengers.


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