The release about “Warm Memories”

Did you know that the best memories can not be captured in pictures? The way you feel can not be captured.

A picture thought may trigger a moment, that moment. It can be something else, an emotion, a song, a smell, or a taste to trigger the same memory.

And things that we remember the most are the happiest or the worst. People have an interesting thought, that time heal all the scars. From a certain perspective, it’s true. But you can’t forget it.

And that memory can be triggered again. Especially pain moments. And happy moments.

Probably this is why people try to document almost everything these days like in Edtv. Just by themselves.

Which is not bad at all. If your purpose is to be known. But I think that real memories are those that are not for the public. At least are not created for that. Those that are just lived. In the moment with those that matter for you. Those that care.

And are there no matter what? And it’s not easy to find those people.

I hope that this release will make you think. About time. And about things that matter for you the most. Eradiel told me that she listens to this kind of music when she reflects on how will gonna die.

Which is not bad at all. )

If you will listen carefully to this song you will notice some ticking which symbolizes time. Together with the cassette from the video. It’s the time that you can’t get back. You will notice camera shots as well. I guess you may know what those are.

Which are our memories. For sure with time all will be gone. Because as we grow older our memories disappear and we start to forget things. And then we die.

Use this song as a reflection of the things that you did. You planned to achieve. To think about what really matter for you in this moment. And why not why?

Well, I’ll see you in the next post. Till then take care.
And do things that matter for you the most.

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