Welcome in the “Red Room”. The Official Release by Ion Odagiu

Hi and welcome back.
I think it is the right time to write about the Red Room release and the album scars.

Without any other words let’s get into this.

The story continues after the release of “The King Of Sadness.” A guy, let’s call him Tom.

So… Tom is a teenager. For him is hard to fall in love.

He met a girl. Slowly he fell in love with a girl. It was a teenage kind of attraction. When it’s happening everything else disappears. The only thing that Tom thought of at that moment was her. Let’s call her Emma.

It was something that he was obsessed about. After the classes, he went outside and was looking for her. But because he was shy he never actually talked to her. It was just one-sided love. He never took the courage to talk or to invite her out.

This happened with Tom before the story in “The King of Sadness”. Where he met a girl he likes online.

This was his second one-sided love. So he feels not good.
I mean he feels good physically.
But he wants to find someone that will love him and be with him.

For more details about the story, please read the article dedicated to “The King Of Sadness”. Song and video.
You can also find the link under the YouTube video.

Now a bit of the background that Tom has. He was a pretty good student. Smart, analytical but pretty quiet. He loved to observe and analyze others. By what they do. Parties he didn’t enjoy much but went at some. From his point, it was a meaningless activity. To spend money on drinks and get drunk. It felt kind of useless for him.

Tom’s parents didn’t manage their marriage to work. But didn’t get divorced. Because his mom was too dependent on other people’s opinions about her. And was too dependent on what her mom will think or say.

Because she agreed and chose for her the husband that she later married. Let’s call her mom Vivian. And let’s call Tom’s mom Dorothy.

So to get it straight.

The first person that Tom fell in love with was Emma.

Emma was from the same village where was Tom.

Tom’s mom is Dorothy. And Dorothy’s mom is Vivian.

Now let’s name the girl he met online Mia. Mia was living 2600 km from the city Tom lived.

Tom graduated high school he moved to live in a city 100 km from the village he was born.

Tom’s das is Oliver. Let’s name him this way.

When Tom was 17 years old he was in love with Emma.

At that time a conflict happened between Tom and Oliver. He loved to tell other people what to do. Without asking permission and without giving any other explanations.

Tom kind of grew up without the love of his parents. His mom Dorothy had two jobs. And his father took workers to their jobs and made sure they do the job correctly.

They weren’t home from the very morning till the late night. Most days Tom didn’t even see his father for days. Only during the weekend when he needed Tom to help him with the things around the house.

So now let’s get back to the conflict. Dorothy and Oliver kind of didn’t know each other very well. Because Vivian chose for Dorothy – her husband Oliver. For Vivian, he was the perfect guy. But Dorothy loved another man. And because she was a good girl, listened to her mom. And she got married to Oliver.

When Tom was 17, his father kicked him from the house. And told him never to came back. Dorothy moved to live in another country in Europe.

Tom moved to live with Vivian and William. William is Vivian’s husband. Second husband. Because the first one died in the second war. And Tom lived with them till the moment he graduated high school at 18 years old.

Tom has another 2 brothers. Lucas, the bigger brother. And Benjamin, the little one.

When this event happened with Tom, Lucas was already at the university.

After Tom left, a while Benjamin moved to live with Vivian and William as well. Because Benjamin didn’t like that attitude Oliver had.

One year later Tom moves to another city to live. It was already mentioned earlier. He went to study at the university.

Growing up Tom loved to play tennis table. At the university, he played it as well. Went to different competitions. And won some. The first, the second, and the third places.

He went to Muay Thai for a half year. But didn’t like the physical pain that comes with it. Only the training.

He loved American movies and Japanese anime.

Two Major events happened with Tom that affected him.

The first event – he wasn’t loved back by the girl he first time loved.

The second event – parents didn’t have time for him.

The third event – he has kicked off the house.

The fourth event – his mom went to live in another country.

And the fifth event was when he almost died at 20 years old. Which will be related in a future article.

The major events were the third and the fifth. Because those influenced him a lot.

He felt abandoned and not loved. And this is how Tom started his journey in life.

Now that you understand better what Tom experienced in his past, I can go forward with the story that continues with the “Red Room” project.

Tom gets disappointed in looking for “love”. And he starts to have sex with money. With women that do this kind of service.

He at least tried to find affection and love. Love that he didn’t feel in his family. And he didn’t even know how being loved feels.

He keeps secretly what he does and where he goes.

For him, it’s a protest. A protest against the rules, against society. Because society is to blame that his parents didn’t have time for him. Or his parents? But wasn’t about his parents. Because his parents were in the same society.

So instead of searching for a wife to get married to, he goes in another direction.

This way he feels free. Without any responsibilities on his shoulders.

He is a person that loves freedom. And from women, he didn’t need anything other than sex. Not taking into consideration the affection part. He is young and didn’t think about kids or family yet.

For him, the traditional family was like nonsense. Because he saw that his parents weren’t happy in their marriage. So marriage for him was like unhappiness.

Because he was abandoned he didn’t allow anyone to get too close. Because being close with someone meant pain. Pain that comes from the moment when the person that you love leaves you. Abandon you. And he didn’t want to feel that pain again.

Yes, he is just protecting himself from suffering. Afraid of it. Running from it.

In a day a woman that likes him, goes to a detective. A secret one. That will do an investigation. An investigation about his sexual life. She wanted to know how he is living his life. I don’t know why she is doing that. Tom doesn’t know about her either.

Maybe she is in love with him secretly, but he doesn’t know. So, she may be interested just to know more about him.

This is what you can see in the “Red Room” release.

So, the detective starts his investigation. To find more about him. He hires a person that he knew, to go some places where Tom probably was. And showed different women that do have sex for money his picture. To find out if they know him.

So, he found a woman that recognized him. And he pays her money to tell him more about what she knew about him.

And she gave the investigator some information about where he potentially may be.

And the detective leave. This is how the video in “Moody” ends.

The woman that hired the detective is Emily.

Here the project “Red Room” ends.

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