“The King Of Sadness” is out. Shortly TKOS.

When I started to create the concept of this video, it was strange.
Only because this was a new experience for me.
To communicate an idea not just with a picture but with a video.

I mean that part where had to create a visual story.
And many of you already have seen it. If not, the link will be down below.

So I first started by creating the song.
Then followed the idea by creating a video,
finalizing the concept with the production.

Now, let’s get more into the story.

The first scenario follows a man and a woman.
They like each other and are attracted by one another.
Yet, they never physically met. It’s an online attraction between them.
They talk a lot and enjoy each other’s company.

But the circumstances they are in will not allow them to see each other physically.

But they want that to happen.
So they create a meeting in their mind where they establish different scenarios when they will meet.

They imagine the train, the airplane option like a form of how they will meet another person.

The story relates to the time we live in right now. Taking into consideration the isolation that each one of us feels right now. Someone deeper, someone maybe not at all.

The truth is – everyone wants all of this to come to an end.
This video symbolizes the meeting between our protagonists from the story.

All this happens in each other’s heads.
But at the same time, it’s an allegory of the time we are all in.
When you want to do something but you are not allowed to because of all the restrictions that different countries have applied to protect everyone.

I hope you felt something while listening to this new release,
and enjoyed it as much as I did.

And yes, almost forgot. The meaning of the gunshots.

I wonder how did you think when you heard of them?

Because the meaning behind this is deep. They are a symbol of power. The power that was used to control and suppress. In our early days as society kings had that type of power.

And because each character from the story was born in a society that existed years ago, subconsciously they have the same paradigm.

They live with it, against their will.
An inner conflict against the norm or the perception of it.

The audio version in the form of the podcast you can listen to on Anchor FM and YouTube.  

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