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You may already observe the environment we live in, have cycles.

Humans live 80 to 120 years (In 2020 70.8 years for men and 75.6% for women.). I guess the first 40 are more interesting to live. You are young, attractive, energetic. Wanna change the world with your ideas. And the disappointments come in right after. Because people usually have very high expectations. Maybe from a job, maybe from a partner, a relationship, marriage, kids, expectations about yourself. And things can go as far as you want them to be.

I already have a post about happiness. The philosophy of a passenger is simple and it’s somehow related. Because everything changes. Nature has a cycle. Each living form has one. Water has its own. The sun has its own.

Nature it’s in balance. People need to learn to do that as well. Expectations make people suffer. It’s because they didn’t achieve what they wanted. And when we don’t get what we want then we feel sad. Sometimes disappointed. Like you are a loser.

When I was a kid, I loved to play tennis table. The feeling of winning is awesome. Meant that you did something good. Any game always has those who win and those who lose. And I didn’t like to lose. Gush, I didn’t like that feeling. You needed to work harder, to train more to get another chance to compete and win.

Growing up we play “the game of file”. It’s a different scale. It’s a different game. This game has to teach more valuable lessons.

And as you already may know, all people love to win. And I bet you do as well. Not all have the courage to play the game. Because there may be someone who doesn’t like the way you play your game.

Lots of games that you lose can make you train more or can make you lose your self-esteem. We are different, and each one of us perceives the “losing” part differently.

Then people can become “Crabs“.

Playing the game itself is fun. Bring you joy and satisfaction when you win the game you play. Or decided to play. Because each one of us plays its own game.

I guess the more important thing that comes with it it’s satisfaction. That you did something in this world. And will live in history for years after you die.

Charmed Passenger it’s the decision that you play the game. A new breath every time. And with new forces always moving forward.

The environment changes. You like people who love to play the game. There is a quote “Birds of a feather flock together

You’re never alone, we’re birds of a feather.

Being a passenger is living with the understanding that nothing lasts forever. It is good to have expectations, but not to get upset about when something it’s not happening the way you planned or the way you wanted. You can force it. At least you may try. Because this is in our nature to do so. Because we can. And Why not.

But as a result, everything that goes very fast up has a tendency to go fast in the opposite direction. Everything needs time for growth.

Enjoy your journey being the best passenger you can be for yourself first. Because when you are satisfied with yourself, you are happy. And feel accomplished. And from that position of love, you can create something and give back. In other words – add value to other people’s life.

I recommend you to watch the longest research made on happiness.

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