Humans, places, experiences – Art of photography.

Photography represent your vision of the world. Your values. Your own unique perspective in life. On things.

In a world where every person have a camera, the only thing that can make you different is how you see the world.

Creativity and interests, are different. How a person feel about something is different. What catches your attention is for sure different.

That’s why art is amazing.

When people look around them – they don’t see same things. Their focus is different.

And as humans we have an natural instinct to learn and to explore the world around us. If you will see the gallery of different photographers you will see there what matter for them. What they appreciate. And what they don’t.

On the project Ion Odagiu Photography or shortly – IO PICTURES, you will see in every blog post 10 pictures.

If you wanna use them in your blog, contact us.






The release about “Warm Memories”

Did you know that the best memories can not be captured in pictures? The way you feel can not be captured. A picture thought may trigger a moment, that moment. It can be something else, an emotion, a song, a smell, or a taste to trigger the same memory. And things that we remember the most are the happiest or the worst. […]

Sharing is Caring

Meet the brand new Project – Passenger & Charmed Passenger

Hi. You may already observe the environment we live in, have cycles. Humans live 80 to 120 years (In 2020 70.8 years for men and 75.6% for women.). I guess the first 40 are more interesting to live. You are young, attractive, energetic. Wanna change the world with your ideas. And the disappointments come in […]

Sharing is Caring

My first 45 minutes video. I call it “Passenger”

This one will be the title of my new podcast. If you are new here, this is the place where I share things with you. It may be the music that I do, thoughts, or some moments or stories that I make or happened with me. I guess to know me better if makes sense. […]

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring