Humans, places, experiences – Art of photography.

Photography represent your vision of the world. Your values. Your own unique perspective in life. On things.

In a world where every person have a camera, the only thing that can make you different is how you see the world.

Creativity and interests, are different. How a person feel about something is different. What catches your attention is for sure different.

That’s why art is amazing.

When people look around them – they don’t see same things. Their focus is different.

And as humans we have an natural instinct to learn and to explore the world around us. If you will see the gallery of different photographers you will see there what matter for them. What they appreciate. And what they don’t.

On the project Ion Odagiu Photography or shortly – IO PICTURES, you will see in every blog post 10 pictures.

If you wanna use them in your blog, contact us.






“Lost Empire” Out now. By Ion Odagiu

We may not know everything. And I think that this is not possible. We learn some things. We forget some. Something we win, but something we lose. The word in this title is a metaphor. It continues with the song “The king of sadness” that will release on 24 April 2021. It was actually based […]

Listen to “Titanic” – My Heart Will Go On, Produced by Ion Odagiu

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid…like growing up, this was something. This was a thing. And because I love stories, based on reality, this movie was really something. Now you can listen to a version of the song produced by me. Hope you love it. LISTEN ON YOUTUBE STREAM & […]

This is my “Winter’s Tale” by Ion Odagiu

Hi my friend and welcome in 2021. This is a new song release.It is peaceful. It is relaxing. And calming. Hope you will love it. SONG COVER IMAGE YOUTUBE THUMBNAIL SONG COVER IMAGE (VERSION TWO) LISTEN ON YOUTUBE LISTEN ON OTHER PLATFORMS SOCIAL MEDIA READ MORE